U Market

Frequently Asked Questions


U Market is a one-stop shop for all supply purchasing needs. It is a combination of U Stores, U Mart, and a host of new suppliers. In addition U Market has developing features that include:

  • Product photos
  • Expanded product descriptions
  • Product comparisons
  • Automated processing of transactions (purchase to invoice)

Everyone who is a staff or faculty member may shop in U Market. Some students have also been given shopping authority.

If you have EFS requisition access (either full access or “U Market orders only” access) you must enter U Market through PeopleSoft, using one of these two paths:

  • MyU > Purchasing tab > EFS Create Req icon
    EFS Create Req Icon
  • MyU > Key Links > PeopleSoft > EFS/Finance > Main Menu > eProcurement > Requisition

If you are a shopper only (with no EFS requisition access), use one of these two paths:

  • umarket.umn.edu, and click on the “shop now” button
  • MyU > Purchasing tab > Shop U Market icon
    Shop U Market Icon


  • Internet Explorer (IE) versions 10 or 11
  • Chrome, latest version
  • Firefox, latest version
  • Opera version 10 or higher


  • Chrome (preferred)
  • Safari version 4 and higher
  • Firefox, latest version


  • Safari, embedded browser within the iPad (Although Safari is supported by U Market, not all Supplier punchout sites support this browser)

NOTE: For the optimal experience when using U Market on an iPad, we recommend that you configure the following settings:

SettingHow to Update
Pop up Blocker:
Settings -› Safari -› General: Block Pop-ups
Open New Tabs in Background:
Settings -› Safari -› General: Open New Tabs in Background
Block Cookies:
“Allow from Websites I Visit” or
“Always Allow”
Settings -› Safari -› Privacy and Security: Block Cookies
Javascript: “Enabled”Settings -› Safari -› Advanced -› Javascript

By default, the Pop-up Blocker setting is Enabled, and Open New Tabs in Background is enabled. Both of these must be updated manually. Other recommended settings are Apple default settings and do not have to be changed unless they were updated previously.

There is no formal training required to be a shopper in U Market. There is a link to training materials on the shopping home page in U Market. Training materials are also available online.

U Stores became U Market Services; the products from U Market Services are categorized as U Market Stock. U Market Stock is listed as a supplier on U Market.

UMart was eliminated, but the software portion (UTools) continues for the purchasing of discounted software.

Yes. The University will save money in a number of ways:

  • Reduced processing costs on U Market transactions no receiving, no paper invoices, no p-card reconciliation
  • Guaranteed contract pricing
  • The opportunity for the University to negotiate better discounts.

U Market will be the most efficient and cost-effective process for departments to buy supplies taking advantage of:

  • Guaranteed contract pricing
  • Email confirmations for all orders
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Billing details in eStatement
  • No EFS receiving
  • One-stop shopping

Yes, the old U Stores item numbers will work in U Market.

Suppliers have cutoff times for orders regardless of how they receive them (whether electronically via U Market or via one of the "old" methods like phone or fax orders). See the Supplier tab for information about each supplier.

Several times a day in EFS the system scoops up requisitions that have been entered and fully approved, creates purchase orders, and dispatches them electronically (if they can be dispatched using that method). The EFS PO dispatch times are approximately 10am, 1pm, 3pm, and 4pm.

Hosted means that the supplier’s catalog, including pricing, is actually loaded into the application that runs U Market. Any items from these suppliers will show the price and can be added right to the cart from the search results.

There are two levels of punch out suppliers:

Level I Punch Out Suppliers — Items from these suppliers will not show up in searches on U Market. To order items from these suppliers, click on their icon on the first U Market page. This will take you to their web site where you can search for items, put them in your cart, and return them to U Market.

Level II Punch Out Suppliers — Items from these suppliers will show up in U Market searches. To order items from these suppliers, search for their items in U Market and when you find them, click on the “order from supplier” link to the right of the item. This will take you to that item on the supplier’s web site, where you can put the item in your cart.

Type II suppliers are identified on their icons on the first U Market page.


There are a number of reasons why you might get an error when trying to access U Market through the shopping link at umarket.umn.edu. Any of the following situations may apply:

  • If you are an EFS Requisition Preparer, you will only be able to access U Market through EFS. In EFS, go to ePro, then Create Requisitions, click on the Web tab, and then select U Market. You can shop in U Market and pull carts back into EFS from this link.
  • If you are a NEW EFS Requisition Preparer, we may need to update your account setup within the U Market tool itself. Please send an email to umarket@umn.edu and identify yourself as a new EFS Requisition Preparer needing access to U Market. We’ll make the necessary updates that allow you to shop as a Requisition Preparer.
  • If you are a NEW staff member, please contact U Market Customer Support by calling 612-624-4878 or emailing ums@umn.edu to get access.
  • If you are a student or fellow who needs access to U Market but are not listed as an employee of the University you will need to be set up manually to access the system. Please send an email to umarket@umn.edu requesting access.
  • If none of these situations apply to you, please see the section titled “Browser Issues when accessing U Market”.

There can be issues with your browser that cause errors when accessing or using U Market. In general, older browsers (age ›3 years), and those which are no longer supported by the manufacturer, are not supported.

  • Alpha, Beta, or unreleased versions of browsers are not supported.
  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11 is fine, but older versions do not work well with U Market.
  • The recommended browsers are: the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and Safari 4.0 or higher.
  • An error message can occur that requires the browser cache to be deleted. It is a good practice to clear your browser cache regularly. The steps to do this depends on the browser but is usually in the SETTINGS or OPTIONS menu item of the browser.
  • If clearing your browser cache does not clear the error and you have viewed the items in “Why am I getting an error when accessing U Market using the SHOP NOW button?”, please send an email to umarket@umn.edu and we will resolve your access issue.

For more information, see “Which browsers work well with U Market?” above.

The functionality of the application requires that we separate those who can just ‘shop’ and those who can process carts into EFS, since this requires that they be granted additional functionality. U Market looks and acts exactly the same between the shopping site and the EFS site, except that EFS users see the EFS menus on the top and left and they have access to the “Return Cart to EFS” button.


Training materials can be found by going to umarket.umn.edu and selecting the Training tab. This will take you directly to the Training Services page for training materials related to U Market. There are video clips (snippets) and job aids. This link is also available on the U Market home page in the Welcome box.

No. The system is very intuitive and users can get the information they need to use the system from the provided training materials. Training is still required if a user wants to request access as an EFS Requisition Preparer.

If you feel you have additional training needs or the materials were not adequate for your needs, please contact Training Services and they can work with you to get additional assistance. Training services can be contacted at trngsvcs@umn.edu or 612-626-1373.


No. Although blanket orders can still be entered directly into PeopleSoft, they cannot be used in U Market or with the suppliers who are in U Market. A feature called “Favorites” can be used in U Market to easily add frequently ordered items to your cart. Using a favorite cart in U Market actually takes fewer steps than using a blanket order — there are fewer manual steps and less ‘processing’ for people to perform.

Yes. A document can be attached to the cart and seen by the assignee. The attachment is NOT uploaded into PeopleSoft. To attach a document to a cart, please follow these steps:

  1. When your cart is complete, click on Checkout”
  2. In the Cart” tab, scroll down to find the Add attachment link”
  3. Type in the file name
  4. Click on Choose File” to select the file you want to attach
  5. Click on Save” to attach the file

Whether you pay shipping or not is pre-negotiated with U Market suppliers as part of their U-Wide contract. See the Supplier tab for information about individual suppliers.

Using a quote is an option for certain suppliers. Please see the supplier directly to ask whether they allow quotes.

The quote must be an E-Quote and the number must be 13 characters long. The quote is good for 30 days so call Dell if it has been more than 30 days since you received the quote. To use a Dell E-Quote in U Market, perform the following steps:

  1. Punch out to Dell through U Market
  2. Click on ŠE-Quotes? in the top left menu bar
  3. Enter the email address that the E-Quote was sent to
  4. Follow the directions displayed to load the E-Quote

To use a Fisher quote in U Market, perform the following steps:

  1. Punch out to Fisher through U Market
  2. Enter the quote number in the search field and display the quote
  3. Click on Quick View” next to the item that displays
  4. Click on Add to Cart”

To use a quote for CDW-G, perform the following steps:

  1. Punch out to CDW-G through U Market
  2. Enter the quote number in the Find My Quote” field
  • Add items to FAVORITES so that you can quickly order off of a list of frequently ordered products
  • Use QUICK ORDER to enter in an item number to add to your cart
  • Add the requesters you submit orders to into your PROFILE so that they will show up in a dropdown list and you won’t have to search for them.

Yes. The system will split the order up into multiple orders and generate purchase orders for each supplier.

Pricing is negotiated as part of the U Market contract. Maintenance and monitoring of the content and pricing are performed by the supplier, U Market Services, and Purchasing Services.

Searching tends to be the most time-consuming part of shopping. If an item isn’t showing up, try some of these tips:

  • limit the search to one supplier (e.g., Innovative for office supplies)
  • try changing the wording on the search
  • try using the ‘key words’ search that narrows down the initial search
  • try using the ‘category’ selection on the left when working on a search

We will be constantly working with suppliers to improve catalog descriptions, search terms and pictures.

Due to the handling of dry ice and the scheduled delivery times, dry ice cannot be ordered in U Market. To order dry ice call U Market Services Customer Support at 612-624-4878.


The best place for the shopper to document the information is in the "justification and ChartField information" box that displays when you go to assign the cart. The EFS Requisition Preparer enters the ship-to location code on the requisition so that it appears on the order sent to the supplier.

Yes. A shopping cart can be assigned to the EFS Requisition Preparer and they can select the appropriate codes for the purchase.

Yes. Shopping carts can be returned to a shopper or deleted if appropriate. Shopping carts might be returned if there is not enough justification for the purchase or if the Requester feels that the items purchased are not appropriate. A shopping cart also may be returned if it was assigned to the wrong person.

Shoppers in U Market may accidently select the wrong Assignee, either because they are misinformed about whom it needs to go to or because they selected the wrong user name. If you receive an email saying you have a cart assigned to you and you do not recognize the user or you are not responsible for processing orders, there are a couple of different actions you can take:

  • If you don’t work with U Market, call the person listed in the email as having created the cart, ask them to UNASSIGN it, and then have them assign it to the correct person.
  • You can return the cart to the user by accessing U Market from the SHOP NOW button at umarket.umn.edu and follow these steps:
    • Click on the Action Items button
    • Click on Carts Assigned to Me
    • Click on the Cart name
    • Click on the Return Cart button (top middle of page)
    • Enter a note letting the user know that you are not the correct Assignee
    • Click on Return
  • You can assign the cart to the correct EFS Requisition Preparer, if you know who that is, by accessing U Market from the SHOP NOW button at umarket.umn.edu and following these steps:
    • Click on the Action Items button
    • Click on Assign
    • Click on Search for an assignee
    • Enter the last name of the person and click on Search
    • Select the person’s name from the list
    • Click on Assign

Some people are assigning carts to EFS Approvers in error because they think it needs to be approved before going to the EFS Requisition Preparer. This is not necessary. Once the EFS Requisition Preparer submits the cart to EFS, the regular EFS approvals will occur. If a cart is assigned to you in error, please follow the directions listed in the entry titled “What should I do if a shopping cart was assigned to me in error?”

No. EFS Requisition Preparers do not need to assign their carts to anyone. Once you PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and pick the appropriate codes, you will be able to click on the Return Cart to EFS button and the order lines will show up in the EFS Requisition Summary on the left. Click on “Review and Submit” tab to complete the requisition.

If you assigned a cart to yourself, it will not show in your action items. You can go to the SHOP icon (picture of shopping cart) on the left navigation bar, select My Carts and Orders, and then select View Draft Shopping Carts. The cart should be listed in My Drafts. You can open it by clicking on the name and continue to process it. Please note: EFS Requisition Preparers do not need to assign their carts to anyone.

If the category you need is not listed, please send an email to umarket@umn.edu to request that it be added. Keep in mind that categories are an important reporting tool for the whole University and there may occasionally be requests for additions or changes that cannot be accommodated.

No. You need to set the codes in the Summary tab for the whole order. If there is a line that needs to have a different set of codes, click on the General tab and go down to the line to be changed. Then click on the Edit button to select the codes for that line. The codes in the Summary tab must be selected before the cart can be processed into EFS.

U Market Services will be running monthly reports to identify capital assets. Capitalization forms will be sent to the procurement specialist for any items where ‘capitalized’ was selected or that cost more than $5,000.

Type into the justification field all the information your requisition preparer will need to process the requisitions including:

  • Chart string
  • Reason for purchase (5 Ws)
  • Delivery address
  • Attention line name (person who should receive the goods)


Yes. Requisition approvals will apply as they do now in EFS at the same threshold levels that currently exist. Shopping carts do not need to be sent to EFS Approvers first. They should be assigned to the EFS Requisition Preparer and submitted to EFS. If any approvals are needed, EFS will obtain them.

Find out more about eStatements here: https://estatement.umn.edu/
eStatements are provided by Auxiliary Services and contain detailed information about purchases made from U Services units. If you've never seen one, visit their web site and try running an eStatement for your project, program, or department.

Yes. A Requester can add, edit, or delete items from a shopping cart.

If the ‘Return Cart to EFS’ button is greyed out, the codes still need to be selected in the Summary tab for the whole order. If there is a line that needs to have a different set of codes, click on the General tab and go down to the line to be changed. Then click on the Edit button to select the codes for that line. The codes in the Summary tab must be selected before the cart can be processed into EFS.

The justification information entered by the shopper does not get sent to EFS. It is recommended that the requisition preparer click on the justification tab in the shopping cart, copy the content and the paste it into the justification field in EFS.

EFS Requisition Preparers who have returned a shopping cart to EFS and were working on the lines will lose them if their EFS session times out. To resubmit the cart to EFS, go back to U Market and follow these steps:

    • Go to ORDERS & DOCUMENTS in the left navigation bar
    • Select CART in the drop down menu and put their user name in the search field
    • Click on GO
    • This will bring up a list of all the carts assigned to you with the most recent listed first.
    • Click on the cart number to display it
    • Go to Available Actions on the top right
    • Click on the drop down and select Resubmit Cart
    • Click on GO
    • Lines will show up in the Requisition Summary on the left of the screen
    • Select the Review and Submit tab and process the requisition as normal

Most suppliers are invoicing electronically, therefore, there is no paper invoice. The system will compare the invoice to the purchase order and process it for payment automatically unless the system detects an error between what is invoiced and what was purchased. Please contact U Market Services Customer Support (4-4878 or ums@umn.edu) if you have a question about an invoice or receive a paper copy of an invoice for a U Market order.

No. There are no paper invoices for U Market orders, therefore, there are no images available in ImageNow. A copy of the invoice information can be found in U Market by searching on the Purchase Order or Invoice number. The departmental charges related to the order can be found at estatement.umn.edu

No. System receiving against U Market purchase orders is automatically performed when the order is invoiced by the supplier. You do not need to go into EFS and mark the purchase order lines as received. The department still has the responsibility of ensuring that they physically receive the goods they ordered. Contact U Market Customer Support (4-4878 or ums@umn.edu) if you do not receive the correct items.


Call U Market at 612-624-4878 with the following information:

  • PO#/Requisition ID#/Cart number
  • Item/catalog number
  • Quantity you’d like to return
  • Reason for return

Some returns will be picked up by U Market, but most will require that you return the item to the vendor once the return is approved. We'll let you know when the request is placed. Do not send items back to U Market without the proper return documentation.

For items being picked up by U Market, please attach the return documentation or return number to the item and place it in your delivery area for pick up by your U Market driver. For all other returns, wait for instructions, which will come with the return approval.

Keep these things in mind:

  1. Return requests must be made within 30 days of purchase. Defective items are warranted by our distributors for 30 days. After 30 days, contact the manufacturer directly.
  2. All items must be in salable condition—unless defective—with all original packaging and accessories included (manuals, cords, etc.)
  3. You are responsible for return shipping charges unless the item is defective or the wrong item was delivered.
  4. Undocumented items returned to U Market or to the vendor may come back to your area to be processed properly and/or may not be credited to you.