How do I access U Market as a Requester?

If you have EFS requisition access (either full access or “U Market orders only” access) you must enter U Market through EFS, using one of these two paths: 1) MyU > Purchasing tab > EFS Create Req icon 2) MyU > Key Links > PeopleSoft > EFS/Finance > Main Menu > eProcurement tile > Requisition If you are an EFS Requisition Preparer, you will only be able to access U Market through EFS. In EFS, go to the eProcurement tile, then the Create Requisition page will appear. Click on the U Market hyperlink. You can shop in U Market and pull carts back into EFS from this link. If you are a NEW EFS Requisition Preparer, we may need to update your account setup within the U Market tool itself. Please send an email to [email protected] and identify yourself as a new EFS Requisition Preparer needing access to U Market. We’ll make the necessary updates that allow you to shop as a Requisition Preparer.