Sustainability Efforts

In an effort to support the University’s sustainability goals, U Market Services has implemented a variety of green initiatives. These efforts have not only had a positive environmental impact, but have also saved the U of M money.


U Market Services replaced its conversion vans with hybrid electric vehicles—literally decreasing the size of our fleet.

Our new hybrid cars are three times more fuel efficient than vehicles they replaced. This has reduced our use of gasoline by more than 1,000 gallons a year. Using less gas not only saves the University money, but also cuts down on our carbon emissions on campus.

We estimate that since switching to hybrid vehicles, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 10 metric tons of CO2 a year. That’s the equivalent of 10,839 pounds of burnt coal!


Secondary Distribution Hubs are locations on campus where our trucks unload large quantities of packages. These orders are then delivered to their final destination on foot via the skyways or the Gopher Way. Since packages are delivered on foot, less vehicles—and less gallons of gasoline—are needed.


Central Logistics is an initiative that redirects all packages inbound to the U of M campus to one location. Here, they can be consolidated and distributed efficiently throughout the  university.

Between our Central Logistics Initiative and our Secondary Distribution Hubs, we estimate that we have taken 24 vehicles off campus over the years. This means we are using less gasoline, which decreases our carbon footprint and helps the University meet its carbon reduction goals.  

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