Why Use U Market?

U Market is the U of M’s online marketplace for commonly purchased goods. From lab supplies to office products, the one-stop shopping tool has competitive overall prices and is integrated into the University’s financial system.

No price/supplier selection justification is needed if you make a purchase through U Market (up to $250,000 per purchase). U Market also has guaranteed pricing, sends email confirmations for orders, and uses electronic invoicing with suppliers. And bonus—no receiving in EFS!

Using U Market is less expensive overall for the following reasons:

  • The majority of the transaction is completely automated (PO creation, transmission, invoicing, payment).
  • Significant discounts have been negotiated with each U Market supplier.
  • Delivery of goods is completed by U Market Services, eliminating additional traffic and large delivery vehicles on campus. Plus, the U Market Services team knows how to find your building and your office!

The amount paid for an item is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider overall cost savings to the University in addition to specific savings for your unit.